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Award FY2015

No. Date Prize winner(s) Award News
1 2015/5/21 Hiroya Kuwahara (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Co-presenter: Yasutaka Anraku, Yu Fukusato, Keiko Nitta, Akihiro Mizoguchi, Kazutaka Nishina, Mizusawa Hidehiro, Kazunori Kataoka, Takanori Yokota
The Best Oral Presentation Award at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neurology Development of a new drug delivery system that enables the transport of polymer drugs across the blood-brain barrier into brain
2 2015/5/29 Daiki Sueyoshi, Yasutaka Anraku, Kazunori Kataoka (The University of Tokyo) 64th SPSJ Annual Meeting Poster Award Development of enzyme-loaded PIC vesicles as functional nano-reactors in bloodstreams
3 2015/6/16 Kanjiro Miyata(The University of Tokyo) Award for Encouragement of Research in Drug Delivery System Development of Nucleic Acid Delivery System Based on Polymeric Materials
4 2015/7/3 Takuya Watanabe(The University of Tokyo) Best Presentation Award Development of dual-ligands decorated polymeric micelles delivering to central nervous system
5 2015/8/24 Kazunori Kataoka (The University of Tokyo) Advanced Materials Award 2015 Professor Kazunori Kataoka received "Advanced Materials Award 2015" from International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). Award ceremony and award lecture were held at Stockholm, Sweden on August 24, 2015.
6 2015/9/8 Kayoko Yanagihara(The University of Tokyo) Best Presentation Award at 15th summar seminar of Japanese Society for Gene Delivery Development of gene therapy for Achondroplasia
7 2015/10/5 Takuya Watanabe(The University of Tokyo) 64th Symposium on Macromolecules Best Poster Presentation Award Development of dual ligands-decorated polymeric micelles directed to central nervous system
8 2015/10/7 Yusuke Yoshioka (National Cancer Center) Young Scientist Award of Japan Societey for Moleculer Tumor Marker Research ExoScreen provides a new diagnostic tool using circulating exosomes as a liquid biopsy
Japan Societey for Moleculer Tumor Marker Research
9 2015/11/16 Keiji Itaka (University of Tokyo) 3rd International mRNA Health Conference Best poster Award CureVac GmbH.
Received the best poster award at 3rd International mRNA Health Conference. The presentation title is "A disease-modifying strategy for osteoarthritis treatment by introducing mRNA encoding cartilage-anabolic transcription factor".
10 2015/10/30 Takanori Akagi, Nami Hanamura, Takanori Ichiki (The University of Tokyo) IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award Electrical evaluation of extracellular vesicles using microfluidic device technology
11 2016/1/30 Daiki SUEYOSHI (The University of Tokyo) Teijin 21st Century Forum Award of Excellence Development of enzyme-containing PIC vesicles that act as nanoreactors in the bloodstream.
12 2016/3/11 Yu FUKUSATO The University of Tokyo School of Engineering Dean’s Award Development of nanocarriers for drug delivery to neural systems across the blood-brain barrier.
13 2016/3/15 Nobuhiro NISHIYAMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) The New Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering Foundation
3rd Particle Design Award
Development of a macromolecular micelle drug-delivery system that targets intractable cancer.
14 2015/3/23 Kanjiro Miyata(The University of Tokyo) 2014 DDTR Outstanding Research Paper Award Multifunctional polyion complex micelle featuring enhanced stability, targetability, and endosome escapability for systemic siRNA delivery to subcutaneous model of lung cancer

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