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News FY 2021

The 8th COINS Symposium was held.

The 8th COINS Symposium was held on Friday, January 21, 2022, under the theme “From Sick Care to Health Care – Future Society created by In-Body Hospitals – both online and a public viewing at Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall.

In this symposium, we reported the outcome of the whole nine years activities of COINS which reached the final year under the theme "Future Society created by In-Body Hospitals, and at the same time, we visualized a future healthy society with everyone who participated through a roundtable discussion on health care in a super-aging society.

In Part 1, COINS scientists made presentation of their research outcome using cutting edge nanobiotechnology and the mechanism for implementing them in society with keywords “cancer," "brain disease," "mRNA," "diagnostic device," "nanomachine and medical device," and "innovation ecosystem." After the presentations, Dr. Kazunori Kataoka, COINS Research Leader, presented the research of COINS which is entering a new stage.

In Part 2, focusing on the content of prior discussions on the issues of the super-aged society and their scientific solutions that the modern high school students who will carry the society as core members of the care side in 2045 where we aim to realize “In-Body Hospital” and the COINS scientists had, we set up a roundtable discussion under the title of "Toward the Realization of a Smart Life Care Society" with participants from the fields of companies, universities, education, nursing, and scientific literacy. Through the presentations of the students of Kawasaki City High School for Science and Technology and the roundtable discussions, the COINS scientists had a good opportunity to reconsider about a desirable future society that will be the exit for their research. We had more 300 participants mainly Kawasaki citizens and from companies and academia and showed their interests on COINS. Through ZOOM, we received many questions on research and the development status of nanomachines. It was a great success, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited the symposium.

Opening Remarks/Greetings

  • Hiromichi KIMURA,
    Project Leader of COINS


  • MC: Mami SATAKE, iCONM

Guest Greetings

  • Yuzuru MATSUDA,
    Visionary Leader of COI STREAM Vision 1,
    Japan Science and Technology Agency

  • Hiroshi KOMIYAMA,
    Chairman of COI STREAM Governing Committee,
    Japan Science and Technology Agency

COINS Researchers Session

  • Hiromichi KIMURA,
    Project Leader of COINS

  • Hiroshi ATSUMI,
    Business Strategy Manager, Office for Post COINS, iCONM

  • Tomohiro ANZAI, Theme 6 leader /
    Principal Research Scientist, iCONM

  • Shintaro SENGOKU,
    Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Takanori ICHIKI, Theme 4 leader /
    Professor, the University of Tokyo

  • Hiroaki TAKEHARA,
    Lecturer, the University of Tokyo

  • Michiki Ito,
    Project Subleader, KISTEC
    Proxy presentation of Akira MATSUMOTO,
    Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University / Project Leader, KISTEC

  • Kanjiro MIYATA, Theme 1 leader /
    Professor, the University of Tokyo

  • Miki MASAI,
    Associate Senior Researcher, Research Department, NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.

  • Yuki MOCHIDA,
    Senior Research Scientist, iCONM

  • Yasutaka ANRAKU, Theme 2 leader /
    Project Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo

  • Masahiro OTSU,
    Deputy Director, Research and Development,
    Braizon Therapeutics, Inc.

  • Keiji ITAKA, Theme 3 leader /
    Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

  • Theofilus A. Tockary
    Research Scientist, iCONM

  • Nobuhiro NISHIYAMA, Theme 5 leader /
    Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Kensuke OSADA,
    Senior scientist, National Institute for Quantum Science and Technology

  • Takahiro NOMOTO,
    Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Kazunori KATAOKA,
    Research Leader of COINS

Roundtable – For Realizing the Smart Life Care Society

  • Toshio ASANO,
    Chairman, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research

  • Yoko ANZAI,
    Manager, Kawasaki City Board of Education

  • Yusuke DATE,
    Science Communicator, Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

  • Miyuki TABATA,
    Assistant Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

  • Akie HOTTA,
    Chairperson, Kawasaki Nursing Association

  • Moderator: Mak SHIMAZAKI, iCONM


Closing Remarks

  • Atsushi MIURA,

Public Viewing

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