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News FY 2021

We hold the COINS Seminar #60

On October 7th, we conducted our COINS Seminar No 60. We invited Dr. Rosalia Rodriguez-Rodriguez, an Associate Professor at the Department of Basic Science, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Barcelona, and the head of the biomedical degree. Dr. Rosalia's presentation title was "Targeting Neurons: More Brain than Brawn to Solve Obesity."

In her lecture, Dr. Rosalia highlighted the alarming global situation relating to obesity and associated complications and emphasized an urgent need to address these issues. She suggested that it is critical to identify the root cause of this alarming health issue by understanding the cellular level's molecular mechanism. Her talk focused on the connection of obesity with hypothalamic neurons and the prospect of nanomedicine-based approaches to tackle this problem. It is important to emphasize that Dr. Rosalia is currently involved in a Japan-Spain bilateral collaboration with the researchers of iCONM.

Dr. Rosalia's lecture was followed by an engaging discussion between the speaker, the panelists, and the seminar participants who joined this seminar from different parts of the globe. We want to thank all the participants for making this seminar a great success through their valuable contributions.

  • 【L/ Speaker: Dr. Rosalia Rodriguez-Rodriguez  R/ Chairperson: Dr. Sabina Quader】
    【B/ Director General: Kazunori Kataoka】

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