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News FY 2020

Dr. Kanjiro Miyata, leader of COINS sub-theme #1 (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo) and Dr. Nobuhiro Nishiyama, leader of COINS sub-theme #5 (Professor, Institute of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology) won the "2020 2nd Materials and Devices Joint Research Award" from the Network Joint Research Center (NJRC) for Materials and Devices with researchers of Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo and the researchers of Nishiyama Lab.

NJRC is an organization established in 2010 to promote joint research in the field of materials and devices, and has a track record of 4,600+ cases in the past decade. Dr. Miyata and Nishiyama developed ultra-small polymeric nanomachines with a diameter of 18 nm containing an antitumor nucleic acid medicine to treat malignant tumors such as pancreatic cancer and brain tumor where the stroma and blood-brain tumor barrier, respectively, hinder drug therapy and to achieve remarkable results. COINS started with six sub-themes in 2013, but the fusion of these themes has progressed over the course of seven years, and research in a wider field is beginning to bear fruit.

COINS Researchers Won 2020 2nd "Materials and Devices Joint Research Award"

  • Prof. Nobuhiro Nishiyama (Left) & Prof. Kanjiro Miyata (Right)

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