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News FY 2019

We held The 6th COINS Symposium.

The 6th COINS Symposium was held on Friday, December 13th at the Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall. The theme of this time was “King SkyFront Bridges the World”.

In the first session was “Summary of COINS R&D”. We had lectures by Shiro AKINAGA (Theme 3 / CEO, AccuRna, Inc.), Keiji ITAKA (Theme 3 leader / Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University), Nobuhiro NISHIYAMA (Theme 5 leader / Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Yoshihiro MURAGAKI (Professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University), lectures about “Recovery of motor・sensory function” “Ultra-minimally invasive treatment” by Nanomachines.

For The poster session, 28 posters and Small and medium-sized enterprise exhibited as “corresponding exhibition by Kawasaki companies”.

In the second session was “Toward creation of Innovation hub”. We had Keynote lectures by Johannes FRUEHAUF (President, LabCentral, Boston) and Noa ASHER (Economic Minister, Embassy of Israel, Tokyo). and We had Invited lecture by Tomohiro TAKAHASHI (Director, Kawasaki City).
A panel discussion was set up for each part and in the second part, in addition to three speakers, Ms. Mona KHANDHAR (Minister (Economic & Commerce), Embassy of India, Tokyo) also joined the panel discussion. There were many questions from visitors and active discussions were held at the panel discussion.

There were about 230 participants, mainly Kawasaki citizens and companies, and it was a valuable opportunity to see that there is great interest in continuing COINS activities toward realization of “in-body hospitals”. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited this symposium.


  • Hiromichi KIMURA, Project Leader

  • MC: Kazuko TOH, Kataoka Lab. iCONM /
    Saed ABBASI, Kataoka Lab. iCONM

Session 1: Summary of COINS R&D

  • Kazunori KATAOKA, Research Leader

  • Shiro AKINAGA Theme 3 / CEO, AccuRna, Inc.

  • Keiji ITAKA Theme 3 leader / Professor,
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University

  • Nobuhiro NISHIYAMA Theme 5 leader / Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Yoshihiro MURAGAKI Theme 5 / Professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University

  • Chair: Mak SHIMAZAKI,
    Chief Research Coordinator

Poster session & corresponding exhibition by Kawasaki venture companies

  • Venue

  • Venue

  • Award ceremony

  • Award ceremony

Session 2: Toward creation of Innovation hub

  • Johannes FRUEHAUF
    President, LabCentral, Boston

  • Noa ASHER
    Economic Minister, Embassy of Israel, Tokyo

  • Tomohiro TAKAHASHI  Director, Kawasaki City

  • Ms. Mona KHANDHAR
    Minister (Economic & Commerce),
    Embassy of India, Tokyo


  • Atsushi MIURA Director,

  • Venue

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