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News FY 2018

10th COINS General Meeting was held on 19th June, Tuesday.

The 10th General Meeting was held in the main conference room at the Life Science & Environment Research Center (LiSE) on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. This meeting is held semi-annually with participation of all participating institutions.

Next year will be the last year of Phase 2 (Fiscal year 2016 – 2018).  Towards the realization of in-body hospitals, we divided to the meeting to five topics and had presentation with awareness of differentiation and superiority from existing technology. We confirmed the progress of present plan of this year and next year's plan for phase 3. In panel discussion, we discussed about the determination for facing phase 3 and realization of tasks to advance the project.

The Research Promotion Office introduced that the COINS members are challenging the "Research Cloud Funding" which is a new initiative at the core center iCONM.
The company introduction was given by Mr. Yasuhiro Otomo of Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd., that will join our center this summer.

In poster session, there were 31 presentations and very active discussions were carried out among the researchers. Finally, Mr. Toshio Asano, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Mr. Hiroshi Misawa, Medical Technology Association of Japan and Mr. Haruhiko Manabe, JST gave us feedback. The meeting was very productive to further strengthen the tie of the researchers.

1. Opening Remarks

  • Hiromichi KIMURA
    Project Leader of COINS

2. Future policy

Topics1 Integration with medical equipment

  • Nobuhiro NISHIYAMA
    Leader of Theme 5
    Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Topics2 Development of nanomachines that carry messenger RNA (mRNA)

  • Kanjiro MIYATA
    Leader of Theme 1
    Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
  • Yasutaka ANRAKU
    Leader of Theme 2
    Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo

Approach of COINS Research Promotion Office

  • Wataru TAKAHASHI
    COINS Research Promotion Office

Itoroduce of Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.

  • Tasuhiro OOTOMO
    Nitto Boseki

Topics3 Miniaturized diagnostic device

  • Takanori ICHIKI
    Leader of Theme 4
    Professor, The University of Tokyo

Topics4 Recovery of exercise / sensory function

  • Keiji ITAKA
    Leader of Theme 3
    Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Topics5 Promotion of social implementation

  • Shintaro SENGOKU
    Substitute Leader of Theme 6
    Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion

Poster Session

Comment from JST

  • Masafumi NOGIMORI
  • Haruhiko MANABE

Advisor review

  • Toshio ASANO
    COINS Advisor
  • Hiroshi MISAWA
    COINS Advisor
  • Hiromichi KIMURA
    Project Leader of COINS
  • Kazunori KATAOKA
    Research Leader of COINS

Closing Remarks

  • Junichiro SONE
    Director, Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion
  • The venue
  • The reception

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