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News FY 2015

The 1st COINS International Symposium was held on Friday, February 27

The 1st COINS International Symposium was held on Friday, February 27 at Ito Hall, Ito International Research Center, under the theme of "Innovation and Social Implementation for Smart Health." There were two oral sessions (Session 1 "Innovative System for Detection, Diagnosis and treatment" and Session 2 "Social Implementation for Smart Health"), a poster session (Session 3) and panel discussion (Session 4). During the two oral sessions, four speakers from each session gave stimulating and motivational talks and raised challenges, and opinions were lively exchanged.
For the poster session, there were 21 research presentations primarily given by the younger scientists, as well as an introduction of iCONM, which newly opened in April. The audience present took a deep interest in the session.
The Panel discussion was held by RL Prof. Kazunori Kataoka and the invited speakers from abroad, and was chaired by PL Prof. Hiromichi Kimura. Discussion was enthusiastic and even extended to members of the audience, who joined on the spot.
This symposium was our last event in the 2014 fiscal year and was a great success, drawing a total of 231 participants. With the opening of iCONM, which is now a core COINS research center, it has given the COINS members renewed determination to progress R&D and persue the consequent social implementation.


  • 【Opening Remark】
    Hiroshi Komiyama
    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
    (COI Stream Governing Chairman)

【Session1:Innovative System for Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment】

  • Takanori Ichiki (COINS Sub-theme4 Leader)
    Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo "Nanobiodevice platform for microRNA and exosome-based cancer diagnosis"

  • Takahiro Ochiya
    Chief of Division of Molecular and Cellular Medicine National Cancer Center Research Institute "The liquid biopsy of Circulating Extracellular Vesicles : A non-invasive Tumor Tracker"

  • Mr. Carsten Rudolph
    CEO, ethris GmbH
    "Stabilized non-immunogenic messenger RNA(SNIM® RNA) for transcript therapy"

  • Kazunori Kataoka (COINS Reserch Leader)
    Professor, The University of Tokyo"Innovative System for Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment"

【Session2:Social Implementation for Smart Health】

  • Mr. Oliver Bogler
    Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
    "Teaching Professional Development & Entrepreneuship to Young Scientists"

  • Dr. Giancarlo Lauto
    Assistant Professor, Organization Studies, University of Udi "Are young scientists incentivized to pursue interdisciplinary research?

  • Dr. Robert Kneller
    Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST)The University of Tokyo "Strategies to move drug development forward in the context of national innovation systems"

  • Hiromichi Kimura (COINS Project Leader)
    Professor, The University of Tokyo "Global Open Innovation Platform: iCONM"

【Poster Session】

【Panel Discussion】

  • 【Closing Remark】
    Yuzo Toda
    Senior Vice President and Director Fujifilm Corporation

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