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News FY 2021

“The young researchers meet up” was held on March 15.

March 15, the young researchers meet up @ Kawasaki was held at the web conferencing room. As the final year of COI, in order to expand and develop connections the network of young researchers and this event was planned by the COINS Research Promotion Support Office and COINS Young Researchers.

The meet up began with a greeting from Miyuki Tabata Meet-up Chairperson (Tokyo Medical and Dental University). Then presentations from the COINS Young Fund adopters and the presentations from the participants, a workshop was held under the theme of "If you apply for external funds".
After the presentations from each group, Hiromichi Kimura Project Leader of COINS and Mr. Haruhiko Manabe (Assistant of Visionary leader, JST) gave comments, and finally, the Excellent Presentation Award was given.

20 people participated on the day including COINS researchers and COI other base researchers. It was a very meaningful workshop that an opportunity for researchers to connect with each other.

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  • Meet-up Chairperson: Miyuki Tabata (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

  • Moderator: Mitsuru Naito (The University of Tokyo)


  • Presentations

  • Presentations

  • Mr. Haruhiko Manabe (Assistant of Visionary leader, JST)

  • Hiromichi Kimura Project Leader of COINS

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