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News FY 2021

On Monday, June 14, 16th COINS General Meeting was held.

On Monday, June 14, 16th COINS General Meeting was held at the web conferencing room. This meeting is held every half a year with all the COINS participating institutions.

In this meeting, we shared research progress, research plan, and social implementation approach as we shared recognition. This time we set up “Changes from the time of participation in COINS” session. We asked the participants to express their changes in their research progress, mindset etc., from the time of participation in COINS to the final year, and exchanged opinions.

In the short presentation session, 8 presenters were presented and there was an active discussion between the researchers.

Finally, Mr. Tatsuro IRIMURA (Advisor of COINS), Mr. Haruhiko MANABE (Japan Science and Technology Agency), Mr. Hiromichi KIMURA (Project Leader of COINS) and Mr. Kazunori KATAOKA (Research Leader of COINS) gave us feedback. and we received the closing remarks from Mr. Atsushi MIURA (Chairperson, KAWASAKI INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROMOTION). The meeting was very productive to further strengthen the tie of the researchers toward realization of " In-Body Hospitals ".

Opening remarks

  • Hiromichi KIMURA / Project Leader of COINS
  • Kazunori KATAOKA / Research Leader of COINS
  • Koji NAGAI / Chief Research Coordinator of COINS

Future developments based on outcome

Topics 1: Promotion of Social implementation and creation of Innovation hub

  • Tomohiro ANZAI / Leader of theme 6

Topics 2: Miniaturization diagnostics device

  • Takanori ICHIKI / Leader of theme 4

Topics 3: Ultra-minimally invasive treatment

  • Nobuhiro NISHIYAMA / Leader of theme 5

Topics 4: Development of nanomachines that carry drugs

  • Kanjiro MIYATA / Leader of theme 1
  • Yasutaka ANRAKU / Leader of theme 2
  • Keiji ITAKA / Leader of theme 3

Panel Discussion

Award ceremony・Closing Remarks

  • Short presentation Award ceremony

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