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News FY 2020

Japan Open Innovation Prize(JOIP)Award ceremony was held.

Japan Open Innovation Prize (JOIP) Award ceremony (2nd, 3rd were concurrently held) was held on Thursday, February 25th, 2021. The Japan Open Innovation Awards aims to accelerate innovation in Japan by commending leading and original efforts that serve as role models for open innovation. The COINS’ effort received the 3rd Japan Innovation Awards Selection committee special award.

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Dr. Hiromichi Kimura, COINS Project Leader (Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion Innovation Center of NanoMedicine), Dr. Kazunori Kataoka, iCONM Director General (Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion Innovation Center of NanoMedicine) and Mr. Atsushi Miura, Chairperson (Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion) attended the ceremony and received a Certificate of Merit and a trophy. Innovation that transforms from a ‘sick care society’ to a ‘smart life care society’ is the mission. With the aim of "a society where everyone can become healthy autonomously, by being freed from diseases that have a heavy social burden, without any physical or financial burden, anytime, anywhere". With this acknowledgment of progress COINS will continue to vigorously push forward.

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