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News FY 2017

COINS Seminar #31 was held.

COINS Seminar #31 was held on Friday, March 2nd at iCONM.
In this seminar, we had lectures by Dr. Koji Suzuki (Director, JSR-JKiC) with a content on "Overview of JSR-Keio University Medical Chemical Innovation Center (JKiC) " and Dr. Hideyuki Saya (School of Medicine, Keio University) with a theme on "Development of therapeutic strategies targeting cancer heterogeneity and microenvironment".
We had a discussion and mixer after the seminar, all participants and speakers had enjoyed active discussion.
We would like to thank all of you who attended the seminar.
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  • 【Lab. Tour】

  • 【Dr. Koji Suzuki】

  • 【Venue】

  • 【Dr. Hideyuki Saya】

  • 【Commemorative photo】

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