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News FY 2016

We had COINS retreat on Fri. Sept. 30 & Sat. Oct. 1.

H28. Sept. 30 (Fri.) - Oct. 1 (Sat.), COINS Retreat Camp was held at Shonan International Center in Kanagawa Pref. Click here for details. On first day, after Dr. Kazunori Kataoka (Director General iCONM)'s talk on "In body hospital" and Mr. Daisaku Sato (Manager, Safety division, Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)'s talk on "Challenges of practical application of innovative technologies (Examples of products such as regenerative medicine), we divided into 6 groups and conducted discussions on "Image of In body hospital you drawn "and" Challenge of social implementation of innovative technology " as themes. On second day, Dr. Koichi Murashita (Deputy Director, Hirosaki University - Research Director), Professor/COI Research Promotion ·Strategy Leader) gave talk on "Hirosaki COI's challenge that industry, academia, government and private sectors gather together as a banner of "Refreshing short-lived counties" aiming to realize "life span revolution" with health big data" and Mr. Tetsuo Hasegawa (Global Technology Liaison Manager, R&D Engineering Management, NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD) on "Various issues accompanying introduction of automatic driving technology". Followed by round up discussion and group presentation on "In order to overcome the problem" based on 1st day's discussion. Finally, Prof. Tatsuro Irimura, COINS Advisor, Juntendo University Graduate School, Mr. Haruhiko Mabe, Assistant to COI Visionary Leader, JST, Mr. Kazuhiko Tamai, Manager, Strategy Division, Kawasaki City Seaside Department International, Dr. Hiromichi Kimura, Project Leader gave a review.
Last year, in order to achieve the "iCONM's vision" which we had created through a group discussion at the first retreat, last year, we proposed "iCONM mission" twice, and this fiscal year, aiming at "realization of inbody hospital", we confirmed the image of the inbody hospital each depicted, discussed the issues raised and discussed how to overcome the task. Towards the research promotion in the future, all the participants once again got a good camp to confirm our objectives and goals.

【1st day】

Opening remarks

Group discussion1

Group discussion2

【2nd day】

Group discussion3

Round up group presentation


Closing remarks

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