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News FY 2015

COINS Semiar #9 was held on Monday, June 29

COINS Seminar #9 was held on Monday, June 29 at iCONM. Dr. Michael J. McShane, Professor, Texas A & M University gave us a lecture titled " Implantable Optical Biosensors –Materials and Instrumentation for Next-Generation Monitoring" There was a lively discussion as well. We thank everyone who took the time out to attend the seminar. Please go to the leaflet for more details.

  • 【Prof.Michael J. McShane
    Texas A&M University,U.S.A】
  • 【Meeting scene】

  • 【Lab. Tour】
  • 【Lab. Tour】
  • 【Meeting with Dr. Takanori Ichiki, Lab. Head】
  • 【Chatting at magnet area】
  • 【Chatting at magnet area】
  • 【Get together at magnet are】

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